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Looking for Parts & Accessories?

Rocky Mountain Auto Service is here to assist you in preparing for your next road trip, whether it involves smooth highways or rugged off-road trails. We offer a comprehensive range of vehicle parts and accessories from renowned manufacturers, ensuring your car is equipped for any journey.

We specialize in supplying and expertly installing products from trusted brands such as Kuma Outdoor Gear, Yakima, Compustar, Curt (a leading name in towing products), and SiriusXM.

A road trip begins with a reliable vehicle. That's why we offer thorough servicing for your car, ensuring optimal performance for any journey ahead. With our Curt hitch assembly, you can easily hitch your trailer, while the Yakima Bike carrier makes transporting your bikes worry-free.

For those moments of rest during your adventures, recline in comfort with a Kuma Lazy bear chair. This top-notch outdoor gear ensures your comfort wherever you set up camp.

All these products and professional installation services are just a call away. Reach out to us for pricing details today! At Rocky Mountain Auto Service, we're committed to providing quality parts and accessories for your vehicle, coupled with our in-depth knowledge and installation expertise. We're here to help you gear up for an unforgettable road trip experience.


Contact us today for more information!

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