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Full synthetic oil and filter change starting at $89.95


We only carry Dexos and OEM approved synthetic engine oil

Our Full synthetic oil and filter change – ranges from 0w16 to 15w40 and comes with a complimentary 30 point visual inspection. We inspect tire wear, condition and top up all pressures. Inspect steering, suspension components for wear and tear. Inspect all fuel, brake, power steering and coolant lines/hoses for wear and tear. Check operation of all exterior lights. Top up necessary fluids if required. Reset maintenance minder.

Fresh motor oil

Fluids and Services

Synthetic oil and filter change

Synthetic blend oil change

Transmission service

Transmission flush

Differential fluid

Brake fluid flush

Power steering flush 

Coolant flush

Car Disc Brake


Brake inspections

Brake fluid flush

Machine brake rotors

Brake pad replacements

Brake pad and rotor replacements

Polishing Car Tire

Wheels and Tires

Mount/Balance 4 tires

Mount/Balance 4 tires (over 18")

Tire rotation 

Tire repair

4 Wheel alignment

Seasonal swap (on wheels)







Car Mechanics


ELVIS (Taxi)

Out of province inspection

Insurance/ Pre-purchase

AMVIC Inspection





Additional services

  • Complete engine and transmission replacement

  • Engine tune-up, Timing belt, Valve adjustment

  • Electrical diagnostics 

  • Hybrid engine diagnostics

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